S. E. Ketner: „The Plateau of Leng“

Some ten years ago (2002 says the file) I found an incredible story on the web, „The Plateau of Leng“, written by one S.E. Ketner. I vaguely remember it was on some public forum for fanmade CoC stuff.
It was one of the best stories with a mythos-background I’ve encountered so far, especially among those with a contemporary setting. Its plotline starts 1984 with a young psychology student, Mark Mason, who takes some slack in Nepal after a field trip to India. He gets hired by a shady leader of an archeological expedition to treat a ’nervous breakdown‘ of one of its members. For Mark, it goes downhill from there – literally.

As I said: The story is excellently written, one of the best I’ve read so far, well paced and worded, and with enough twists that old Cthulhu-die-hards might enjoy it as a new approach. The stories it may compare to best – if one could say this at all – may be Lovecraft’s „Dreams in the Witch-House“ and „At the Mountains of Madness“, both my favourites.

Now for the strange thing.

These days, the story can’t be found on the internet anymore. The same with S. E. Ketner, no one on the web with this name-surname combo. The web remembers everything, one says, but this wonderful piece of art and its author vanished as thouroughly as age old tribal sayings from the active memory of modern knowledge society.

So, if you know the author, or the story, or have any objections against this gem posted here, please contact me, and I’ll withdraw it immediately. I just want to preserve this beautiful story by sharing it, and to thank S.E. Ketner for writing it.
It would make a lovely, tense plot for an adventure across time and space.

Here’s the story. S. E. Ketner, „The Plateau of Leng“

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