Who’s the snack now? Eldritch Horror: Bio-Meat

The world, near future. Mankind is running out of food and drowns in its own waste products. What to do? Why, get some genetic engineers on the task to create an organism that will digest any organic matter and turn it into nutritional biomass. The japanese have been quite successful for some years exporting BioMeat ™, a healthy meat product, without anyone suspecting what kind of animal produces the tasty slices of meat, though it’s usually thought of little pigs that provide the ‚pork‘. Would they know…

Creating an ambulatory, self-regenerating organism that is capable of digesting any organic matter, and in addition to that octuples every 30 minutes, does look like a bad idea. But then, the world is starving, and there’s lots of money to be made. And the containment is absolutely safe. Until an earthquake breaks a seal, and some of the meat spills into the environment (We know the routine, don’t we?).
Humans are, by the way, composed of organic matter.
The story follows a group of children through three (or rather two) outbreaks of BioMeat, it’s classic survival horror in a grey goo scenario.
Truly nightmarishly created is the BioMeat: just a parthenogenetic maw with tiny claws.

In the second cycle of the story, the (also starving, greedy and arrogant) U.S. ups the ante by re-engineering the original BioMeat into some gigantic tentacled maw that grows thrice as fast, is sentient, creates huamn-digestible spores and looks like something right out of Lovecraft’s darker nightmares. And is much tastier than the japanese version.
This spells, again, DESASTER.

If you want to delve into a blasphemic scenario of „who’s for lunch“, take some hours (or days) to read BioMeat: Nectar.

The Manga, all three cycles, all 105 volumes with thousands of pages, can be read online here: http://www.mangarush.com/manga/bio-meat-nectar


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